Monday, August 17, 2009

Corn in Pop Culture

When you become hyper-sensitive to corn in your diet, you become hyper-sensitive to corn well, everywhere. I mean it's not like I see corn everywhere I look - at least not yet, and I'm not haunted by corn in my sleep. I'm just noticing it more and more.

Corn has even made its way into pop culture - and not just as the standby snack in the movie theaters. When starting this project, I pulled from the recesses of my mind a character on of those train wreck VH1 dating shows. I couldn't quite remember what show it was, but I definitely remembered the chick. Her name was Corn Fed. Sounds like the beginning of a bad old love song, no? Well she got her name, if I remember correctly, because she's from the Midwest, and like a good Midwestern girl, she had a little meat on her bones (and I mean a little - she's on a reality show, and its not Biggest Loser, so she's still small) because she was raised on corn.

While this is I guess, supposed to be a compliment to her, its an interesting thing to get complimented on - how good your corn fed body looks. Everyone is "corn fed", perhaps Corn Fed herself actually just eats more real corn than those Americans who live farther away from the fields. Perhaps they should have labeled an obese American, or an lower income American, as corn fed. They're the ones that are more than likely consuming the large amounts of high fructose corn syrup and other corn derivatives in many of the things they eat, because these corn foods are cheaper than real sugars and other preservatives.

Just a thought VH1, but maybe you should give the corn fed label to someone who really deserves it.

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