Thursday, August 20, 2009

And the Media Circus Begins!

Not really. But I did make the local CBS 19 news for my corn celibacy. New phrase...I like it, what do you think? If you must watch the video, you can check out the video here. You can read the little article they wrote about it here.

It was fun to tape, although my trashcan did not want to participate in being slammed closed. We had to tape that a few times. I must confess though, I have still yet to watch it. Im one of those people that hate to watch myself on tv and definitely when I feel like I sound like a loon. I didn't even really mention it to people. I'm not ashamed of my experiment, but I get more "crazy lady" feedback than anything else. I also then have to go into a tirade about why I would do such a thing. I should just print up cards with my name and the blog and hand them out so I can save some breath.

I was Body Pumping at the gym today with my friend Lauren and she mentioned that people had been commenting about the video on Facebook. Super. I didn't read the comments, but I imagine its something along the lines of "That girl needs to get a hobby...", etc.

Here's some irony for you though. Stephanie Satchell, interviewer extraordinaire, asked me what I can't eat and my first response was "No Mexican food!". Then after the interview, my boyfriend and I decide to go to lunch. And where does he suggest? Aqui es Mexico - the best little Mexican restaurant in Cville.

I'd never been to Aqui and I'd been wanting to, so I said yes, and was ready for a challenge. Dining there was surprisingly non-corn eater friendly. I avoided the corn chips and salsa, which was hard, real hard. I then spoke to the sweet little ole' lady owner (she's not that old, but its weird to say "sweet little middle-age lady") and asked her about their flour tortillas. Were they made in house? Yes. Did they have cornstarch, baking powder, anything like that in it? I was reassured with a big headshake and a "no, no, no, no, no". You can't get more reassuring than that can you?

So I went with a stellar quesadilla that had spinach, cheese, jicama (I LOVE jicama!) and various other veggies in it. And felt ecstatic to be eating Mexican!

The first week has been a little too easy. But of course now the Chinese cravings have begun. And damnit, I'm pretty sure like all Chinese foods sauces have corn in them. A year without Chinese food!? Noooooo.


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