Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why Subway is a No Way for Non Corn Eaters

So I posted on my miserable drive back to Virginia and my cursed veggie wrap. I mentioned in that post about how I have a hard time finding foods to eat on my drives from Charlottesville to Chattanooga because of being a vegetarian, and now because of this whole no corn thing. Well, Subway has always been a safe choice, because I could get a Veggie Delight and not have to worry about meat in my sub. WELL (sorry I use well a lot) I was researching Subway on the way back from Charleston as I got a sub (pre no corn days) for my lunch, and discovered something very disturbing. Subway uses high fructose corn syrup in their wheat bread! DANGER! Read this article from this great blog, The Life Ledger, for more info on Subways breads.

So this time on my ride home, I had forgotten the sandwich I had made at my parents house (corn-free of course) and had to stop at the Way, and get a sub. I took this guys word and got the white bread, which is probably the first time I've had a sandwich on white bread in about 10 years. I really wanted to avoid Subway all together, because the HFCS in the wheat bread was VERY UPSETTING to me, plus I very much dislike their new ad campaign which talks about how healthy they are, and then pushes people to throw in chips and a drink (then pushes soda)...and then a cookie! I mean, come on people, you've positioned yourself as the healthy fast food alternative and you are still out there shoving more crap down people's throats. Ugh. Take note fast food is one of my pet peeves.

So this new info has left me packing my meals for road trips and swallowing Subways white bread when necessary.


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