Sunday, September 6, 2009

College Football + Corn = BFFs

This weekend was the first UVa home game and I must admit I had some fears about how to tailgate corn and meat free. And rightfully so. Tailgating with my male friends from college involves lots of grilling (no veggie burgers of any kind in sight) and lots accompaniments. Cheap accompaniments. Like Kroger brand ketchup and chips, which of course had some form of corn in them. So that left me at the tailgate drinking beer (which I was later told might contain HFCS! Still looking into whether Bud Light poses a threat to my corn free lifestyle), and eating pistachios. Yes, someone brought a few nuts and I got to nibble on them like the squirrel I am. Oh, but wait, squirrels eat corn, so squirrely I am not.

Anyways, we left the tailgate for the UVa/William and Mary home game without tickets, being advised by well versed non-ticket-holders that it was ridiculously easy to scalp a ticket for $10 or less. Sounded awesome.

An hour later we've walked at least a mile to the stadium plus however much else we walked around Grounds (thats UVa terminology for campus) looking for tickets with no avail, as apparently the game was sold out. According to these well versed non-ticket-holder friends of ours, this was the first time this had happened in their history of attending UVa games. The 4 of us who did not have tickets weren't giving up and decided to get crafty and go to first year dorms and ask the awkward, anti-social kids if we could borrow their student id in return for collateral of our own ids. Sounds like a great idea, until you figure that the awkward, anti-social kids are probably going to be the last ones out there to trust random alum with ids that they've only had two weeks, and that they view as their life lines.

Anyways, at this point, I'm ridiculously hungry. I was being convinced to continue on this journey with the promise of stadium food, which guaranteed was all chocked full of corn. So I'm not doing so hot and my mood quickly degrading. And this is where desperation comes in. When chatting with some adorable little first year girls about where they think they highest concentration of anti-social kids were, I spotted a picnic table strewn with three family size packs of white flour hot dog buns. And I've never seen hot dog buns that looked so good. Nevermind that they were white flour, or that they had been sitting out for hours, Girlfriend was HUNGRY. The lovely little first years generously offered them to me, and I immediately jumped on their offer. Until I read the ingredient label, and shocker, they had high fructose corn syrup in them. BREAD! BREAD! Someone, somewhere, was laughing at me.

So I stayed strong, and resisted. My friends were giving up on the idea of tickets and a bar on the corner with food and booze was looking better and better. So I waited.

We ended up at Boylan Heights, a gourmet burger bar on the Corner, which has a killer veggie burger (yay!). My friend Ashley and I got there before our other friends and decided to order an appetizer. Now let me tell you something about Ashley. She's one of my very best friends, and has jokingly decided to only eat corn for the next year to make up for the corn I'm not eating. Funny yes, and I'll share some of her "blogs" (she writes on my facebook wall about her progress and uses that as documentation) with you later. Well back to the story. Ashley and I sit down and check out the appetizers and she gets very excited about one in particular that she wants to split with me - the corn dog bites. I gave her this look and said, "Of all the foods on this menu, you have to choose the hot dogs WITH CORN? HELLO!?" And she was totally seriously and then we had a good chuckle about it after

So I ended up ordering the Boylan Veggie Burger that they make in house, thinking, that well, since its made in house, its safe. I anxiously awaited its arrival, only to be disappointed to see pieces of corn springing out of it. Now this brings up the debate some people have brought up to me as to whether it was wrong to eat actual corn - corn on the cob, corn salsa, etc. And I dont think it is. I think corn is delicious and a great food, however, I don't eat it that often and didn't think it would be hard to delete from my diet. Until you run across it in vegetarian soups and veggie burgers. So I still havent decided what to do about kernels of corn. Sighhhh. I was tired, cranky, and hungry, so I gave in and just ate it.

So along with wedding weekends, football weekends might have to be cut some slack on the no corn thing as well.

Apparently corn is necessary to a healthy social life! I'm still working on some alternatives.


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